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How to fall head over heels with your hometown

As I touched on briefly in an earlier post, life threw me a curveball last year and I made the move back from Melbourne to Adelaide.

I think most of us start to feel tired of the city we live in once the magic wears off of it being a new place. I remember the fairy dust vibes of Melbourne when I had first moved there versus the state of normalcy I felt when I left, nearly a decade later. 

Having come back home, I’ve had an opportunity to see what has changed and to revisit places I hadn’t been to in years and years and I realised with each growing day that I was starting to really love my home again.

Here’s how to make your home feel new and magical in your eyes all over again:

Go to the places you enjoyed as a child

While this may be initially quite depressing when you’ve realised that many places are either: a) not as big as you remembered, b) old and worn out or c) not even there anymore, this is probably the most interesting way to rediscover your sense of childlike fun and interesting spots with a new perspective. Find the fairs by the beach, the weekend markets your mum dragged you to as a child on Sunday mornings, the playground where you hung out with your high school boyfriend so you could make out without judgement… whatever. Find the places with emotional significance and remember how you felt. The thing about having a history in certain places is that it ties you to your home irrevocably and gives you somewhere to share these milestones and moments with the people you love.

Visit every tourist spot you possibly can

Do it over several days. Visit each place on a day off or a weekend when you’re bored and ran out of things to watch on Netflix. Looking at museums and galleries and really seeing what your city has to offer is an eye opener. For example, I only realised fairly recently that the art gallery of South Australia has a hieronymous Bosch piece. I had taken the museums and galleries and places I had visited for granted and stopped truly seeing what was there. Becoming a tourist again is an important way to find the heart and soul of your home. Visit both the natural landmarks and the man made ones and you’ll be surprised at how much there is to do and see.

Find new watering holes to visit

Aim to try a different cafe, restaurant or bar until you find some that you truly love. The routine of having the same places that you eat or drink or hang out at can be comforting but also monotonous. You may find your new favourite hangout or brunch spot. Yes, I said brunch. You can take the hipster out of Melbourne, but…

Take photos of the places you take for granted 

There’s two reasons for this really. The first is that redevelopment happens constantly and they may no longer exist in the future. The second is that by treating every space as an Instagram worthy affair, you can actually see those places with those rose tinted glasses again. 

For example, I had a mini iPhone photo shoot at both the local botanical gardens and in Chinatown and saw the beauty that I had been missing for years:

It’s important to love your home and feel like you’re proud of and connected to the place you choose to live. Life feels like an exciting adventure when you can find new sources of fun and mystery and beauty.